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elZinc Rainbow Rojo/Red: A closer look at the zinc cladding on the new East Building of the Adelaide Convention Centre

Bringing Colour Into Architecture

The Australian landscape boasts a sensational array of colours. From the brilliant blue skies to the striking gold sands and rich red desert, our landscape is a palette of colour. South Australia celebrates the colours, patterns and textures of our landscape with the multi-million-dollar development along Adelaide’s riverbank parklands. Architecturally designed by Woods Bagot, the appearance of the new East Building of the Adelaide Convention Centre (ACC) is inspired by the undulating landscape, natural rock formations and red earth.

It was a natural choice to use zinc and elZinc Rainbow Rojo/Red panels clad the curves of the new ACC building, creating a beautiful aesthetic and natural texture. The pigmented elZinc panels have been expertly shaped around the complex geometry, fitted to Kingspan PIR panels with multiple, high-tech layers providing waterproofing and thermal barriers. This protective layering technique enhances the durability of the zinc.

Because zinc is a non-ferrous metal, it is much more resistant to corrosion and rust, issues that can plague iron and steel structures. It requires very little maintenance over time, and its natural coloration actually improves as it ages. Zinc has even been known to heal scratches and other minor imperfections over a period of years.

Zinc is the 23rd most abundant mineral in the world, found in rocks, air, soil, water and in all living organisms. Environmentally, zinc is also mined throughout the world using an extraction process that avoids strip-mining. This means that the land surrounding zinc mines remains relatively undisturbed and undamaged. All metal needs to be processed for construction. The processing uses a lot of energy, and in many cases, it can have an adverse effect on the environment. However, zinc has a relatively low melting point of 419 degrees Celsius making it easier to smelt and process. This translates to less energy used and lower environmental air emissions during the smelting process. Unlike other metals, zinc is 100% recyclable. With its durability, availability and environmental sustainability, it’s no wonder zinc is a natural choice in architecture and construction.

Adelaide Convention Centre – East Building

Material: elZinc Rainbow Rojo/Red
System: Standing Seam
Application: Flat Lock Tiles